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Applying for Wizardhood

by Selina Kelley

On most of the muds I have been on, there is normally an application process to become an Immortal, or Wizard. The application is sometimes created with a set number of questions, or it can be a list of things they wish you to talk about. In all cases, though, the application is used as a filtering process to weed out those not serious about the application.

The High Mighty Monster of Blop

Remember, do not pretend to be a green monster with a tail.

One mud I am on in particular gives a set of questions, some random, that need to be answered in order to fill out an application. They also have help files listing advice from previous applicants and current coders on how best to approach the questions. What I'd like to outline below are my thoughts on filling out an application.

1. Be Yourself

Yes, it's all wonderful for you to pretend to be a 1337 C0D3R, but sooner or later (most likely sooner), you will be found out. It's never a good idea to write an application pretending to be someone you are not, even if you think it will mean you will get more "votes".

2. Be Specific

Regardless of the question you're answering, be specific about it. For example, if they ask you what you like about the mud, be specific! Don't just say 'because it's nice to chat to people' or 'I like to player kill people', because that's something you can do on almost any other mud. It comes across much better if you say 'I like killing the high mighty monster of blop in the mountains, because I never know when he'll swing his big hammer and kill me.' Make sure to state what you like about the mud that you can't get anywhere else.

3. Be Honest

Related back to being specific, don't ever lie on your application. Lies eventually get found out, and it will almost guarantee that you will never be promoted.

4. Be Imaginative

Describe the areas you want to make. You don't have to write the room descriptions, but give them a story that you would like to implement on the mud. Make sure it fits the theme of the mud you're on, though! If you're filling out a question-related application, be imaginative in your answers. If you make people laugh, they normally think good things about you.

5. Proofread

It sounds like such a small thing, but proofread your application! Write it offline first, revise it, make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. Make sure that you place carriage returns after 70-75 characters so your application doesn't "wrap" funny. Your application, just like a resume, is a reflection of yourself, so you want people to be able to see immediately that you took a great amount of time in getting your application to flow well, look nice, and be readable. I can't emphasize this point more. I have known people to reject applications on the sole reason that the paragraphs weren't wrapped to 75 characters. A lot of your application is going to be presentation.

I find that if you follow the above five points, you are more likely to be considered when you fill in an application. Keep in mind though, that most people won't promote perfect strangers, so it's always best to be involved in the mud, and known, before you apply. People will use their previous opinions about you when they consider your application, so make sure to always act maturely and sensibly when playing-- it gets noticed, trust me!

Selina Kelley can most often by found on ProphecyMUD. She is also an editor here at Imaginary Realities.